Cleaning Out Your Home Office

Finding a Home for the Contents of your Office

Since we are based in Newton, MA some of these resources are specific to this town.  You should be able to find similar resources in your town.

Make sure you keep the following documents:

  • Homeowner’s policy. Keep the homeowner’s policy effective until the day the home closes. Increase coverage if it is too low.
  • Look for updated Wills and copies.
  • Life Insurance. This could be a private policy or purchased through an employer.
  • Bank accounts statements.
  • Stocks and bonds. They might be tucked into folders.
  • Papers necessary to prepare taxes.
  • Tax returns and receipts for past 7 years.
  • Warranties.
  • Shred all sensitive documents, especially those containing a Social Security number.
Books – If they have value, they can be sold on Amazon, www.Biblio,com, or similar book selling sites. Some, such as Yearbooks and other historic books can also be sold on

If you don’t want to bother selling, they can be donated to many places.   More Than Words in Waltham is a worthy cause as the purpose of the bookstore is to teach young adults to run a business.  Another option is the branch library in Auburndale.

The Rumford Recycling Depot will also take them for their book exchange

What they won’t take – such as Encyclopedias or Textbooks – just recycle.

Paper goods, binders, whiteboards, pens, pencils, greeting cards, staplers, tape, paper clips and any other office supplies are very welcome at any public school.  You can typically arrange to leave at the school or you can offer on Facebook group such as Newton Yard Sale and mention that you would like it to go to a teacher.
Cardboard boxes that don’t fit in your recycling can be taken to the Rumford Recycling Depot at 115 Rumford Ave in Auburndale.  However, don’t get rid of them before cleanout as you are likely going to need them.

Styrofoam can also only be recycled at the Depot.

Empty or Unused Print Cartridges – can be brought to Staples for a small credit.
Old Computers, Printers and Other Office Electronics –  Replayd in Brighton will buy them if they have value.  If they do not, they can be taken to office supply stores such as or
Old Cell Phones – If they work, they can be sold on eBay or sent to CD resale sizes like  They can also be donated to charities that help victims of domestic abuse such as

If they don’t work, they can be donated at office supply stores such as Staples.

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