Getting Ready for a Spring Home Sale – No it is Not too Soon!

There is so much more to preparing a home for sale – and moving – then any of us think there is until we are neck deep into it.   So, the best thing to do is prepare in stages.  Below is a checklist of what to do now and over the winter to prepare for that spring sale.

  1. Clean up the yard and take some nice pictures now.  Preferably by a professional. With New England weather, you really cannot predict when in the spring the snow will be melted and your yard will be looking good again.  If you are not selling this year, it is not a bad idea to take pictures of the exterior in all 4 seasons.
  2. Clean out the attic, basement and closets. Get rid of whatever you don’t see yourself taking to the next home.
    1. Give things away to family that are nice, but you won’t take with you.
    2. Have a yard sale now if you are going to do it. Sell your items on online groups, ebay, wherever it makes sense.
    3. Bring stuff to charity. If you need help finding the charities, contact me and I will gladly give you a list of charities that take all kinds of items.
    4. Dump the rest.