Our Services

Settling the estate and selling a family home involves a tremendous amount of coordination at a time when you are least emotionally equipped to deal with it.  After decades with the same family, a home’s belongings need to be sorted and distributed and the house needs to be prepared for sale.  More often then not, family members responsible for the sale of the home are not living nearby so the empty house needs to be managed and monitored.

We are uniquely qualified to deal with these challenges of selling an estate family home, having assisted many families with the disposition of a home’s contents and finding the best buyer for the property.

Why Hire Us for your Home Sale?

We provide the level of service sellers expect when entrusting an agent with one of the most important transactions of their lives.  As with all home sales, we always strive for the best price the market will bear in the least amount of time.  Estate sales require a level of coordination and oversight above and beyond a typical home sale. Through the process we:

  • Offer consistent communications
  • Coordinate with your attorney and other advisers
  • Provide connections to professional services and coordinate when needed
  • Provide guidance in making decisions
  • Handle the details
  • Shield you from the hassles

As a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, I have advanced education on how to help seniors and their families with real estate transactions.

We make sure that all our services are executed in a timely manner and with utmost professionalism.  Once you sign the sales paperwork with us, you can relax. Our team will manage the entire project and provide updates.  You literally can turn the key over and we will take it from there.

Services we Provide

My team specializes in overseeing the entire process of preparing a home for sale and getting it sold, including:

  • FREE Property Management – A vacant home is subject to all sorts of maintenance and vandalism risks if not monitored.
  • Secure the Property– We will secure the property with combination locks, re-key the doors and secure the premises.
  • Estate Liquidation of Personal Property– We will arrange for the sale, disposal or donation of personal property.
  • Market Analysis – We will provide a detailed opinion of price. This is a valuable tool for negotiating with the probate referee. Our package will include a narrative summary, photos of the subject property and comparable properties with maps and comparative graphs.  If you need a Market Valuation from an appraiser, we can connect you with one who knows the neighborhood.
  • Identifying the Right Buyer – Oftentimes, the estate homes of seniors are past their life span and are better suited to being purchased by a builder.  As part of the Market Analysis, we will let you know if the property falls in this category, so you don’t spend money needlessly on repairs and upgrades.
  •  Utilities – We will have utilities turned on and will handle the billing, if the seller so desires.
  • Cleaning and Repairs – The supervision and organization of cleaning crews, haulers, painters, contractors, carpet installers, estate liquidation, etc.
  • Cleaning – Coordinate cleaning out and cleaning up the property.
  • Marketing Plan – Customized with professional photography and extensive exposure on internet websites, virtual tours and online video commercials for the property.
  • Staging – we provide free light staging and can coordinate extensive staging, if necessary.
  • Negotiate – We will professionally negotiate all offers, to deliver the best terms and highest possible price.
  • Manage the Sale to Closure – Smoke detector inspections, meter readings, final bills, everything necessary to get the transaction to the closing table.